Excessive Plus

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Excessive Plus (E+) is the fastest, most explosive 3D Action/Shooter (FPS) Mod in the world.  It works with Quake III, IoQuake3, OpenArena and Xreal (2009 version).

If you have never seen E+ take at look at our Portal or download a few of our Instructional and Tournament/War Videos.

Despite the statement above, E+ does not have to be fast or explosive.  Unlike most Mods, E+ contains a powerful scripting engine that can alter its game-play in almost unlimited possibilities.  E+ can behave exactly like baseq3/baseoa (right down to the last setting and physics).  To test this, setup a server and load the baseq3 config or ask an Admin to demonstrate this for you.  Similarly, it can imitate Defrag, CPMA, etc.  And unlike those Mods, E+ has an active development process and versions designed specifically for Quake III or OpenArena.

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